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About US

Acorn Paper Products is the end user distribution arm of Oak Paper. Acorn Paper Products is one of the many companies under the Oak Paper umbrella. Founded in 1946, Acorn Paper Products (APP as it’s known for short) services all of the West Coast, from Seattle, WA to Southern California, Hawaii, Alaska, and as far East as Colorado. APP, a family run organization now in its fourth generation, still abides by its company values: “put the customers and their needs first.”


APP Wholesale, LLC was formed to continue fulfilling its customers’ needs by offering them everyday consumer packaged goods (CPG). Handling everything from cereal and batteries to baby diapers and ice cream, APP Wholesale is dedicated to serving its independent customers with their everyday needs while abiding by the same company values and high quality service they’ve come to expect from APP.

"The Complete Package"

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